Triple P

Pose. Posture. Position.

First thing first, I always lowkey wanted to model. Lol, IDK why. I was never really a fan of the shows like America’s Top Model, but now that I think about it, I want to start watching it. Honestly, it is not a dream of mine, but I wish I were photogenic, so that’s one of my personal goals for 2021. I remember my freshman year in college when I auditioned for a modeling troupe. It was the in the moment decision like why not ? What harm can it do... other than my ego ofc. To my surprised I made it but if you ask me, I sucked. Want to step out my comfprt zone, I stuck with the troupe for like two semesters and performed at their annual show.

As we both know, I am not Tyra Banks let alone a professional photographer. However, over the last year, I have taken more of an interest in the importance of photos and posing. I have been learning from observation and gain some experience with school/my current internship. Now, I want to become a part of more creative shoots. Plus, my website is laaaaaaacking in the content area, so if the only thing I accomplish this year is a bomb website, I will be satisfied. On the other hand, photoshoots can be fun. I have fallen in love with the process and having a bomb outcome.

One of the biggest things that stuck with me from one of my classes is that photos should tell a story. Cute pictures that show off the outfit is nice, but it becomes boring and repetitive. My professor suggested my first semester that you should be documenting a moment. A memory. What do you want to look back and remember? Through my journey as a business owner, I want to look back at photoshoots and remember, WOW, that dress was a challenge or made me proud.

Quick Sidenote: I am interested in being a creative director for more photoshoots, so hit me up. We can brainstorm. Share each some inspo and BOOM execution.

Tips I have learned:

1. Learn your Angles

Posing comes with time and practice. I take over 50 pictures knowing that I may just like five photos. However, I start to analyze why I do not like a particular picture. Maybe it is the way my head is tilted, my body posture, or my awkward hands. So next time I am taking a picture, I try to keep that in mind.

It is also important to direct those taking pictures of you about your angles. I know most times my favorite pictures come from a higher angle compare to directly in front of me or below me so my eye don't appear close. I also found it helpful for the camera person to go against my movements. I talk a lot when taking pictures (IDK why), but I usually get ugly photos when they are continuously snapping. The timing when taking pictures makes so much of a difference.

2. Get a tripod

This purchase has been my lifesaver for practicing when no human is available. I sometimes set up little photoshoots at home to play around. It is harder to get multiple angles, but you learn that a few millimeters make a difference in a photo. It is also helpful in knowing how to show off your outfit. You get to focus on particular details and put the emphasis where you want.

3. Start in a comfortable surrounding

Low key, maybe, high key this is one of the most important tips. I do not like people watching me, so it results in me being awkward and stiff. When I am playing music, especially music that makes me feel good, then I can relax. Singing a song also helps my mouth in pictures because I despise smiling, and I naturally mean mug. I am able to be in more of a natural mood that reflects better in photos.

Have fun. Laugh. Enjoy the moment.

4. Practice Self Love

Being confident and comfortable with yourself is expressed in your photo. One thing about being a model, you have to keep your head up and know that I LOOK GOOD. Yeah, no time to be humble. So, one thing about it and two things for sure, I brag that I am Markia! Ain’t no one like me or could do it like me.

I also practice self-love by looking at my flaws and saying to myself… you still cute. I take fewer pictures with filters trying to hide acne or wishing I had on lashes. I am learning that it is cool to use a filter whenever I want because why? I CAN. But I do not want to feel pressured to be perfect, have clear skin, and keep up appearances. I always look good, exclamation mark.

5. Prepare a good setting

So being an amateur, I do not have all the extra equipment the real photographers have. So, it is important to find a location that has natural light. Learning more about golden hour was a blessing because it is the best sun for pictures. Best top is always pose facing the sun so it will glisten on your skin.

For home photoshoots, most people have invested in a ring light from Amazon or Walmart. I also utilized blank walls at home and making a backdrop with fabric or a table cloth to bring a different vibe.

Give me to 2030 and I'll be model lol.

-Markia Brown