Toronto Taste

For this trip, I took two suitcases, so it's safe to say I am the person that overpacks when it comes to traveling. For my birthday trip, I went to Toronto, and I just wanted to be cute. I didn’t want to be too extra with my outfits/jewelry and get robbed cause someone thinks I got money lol. So, here are a few of my simple but cute outfits.

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This outfit was a daring style for me because I did not know how it would come out when I purchased it. I fell in love with the vinyl two-toned skirt gave an edgy look when I first saw it, but finding a shirt was a hassle. I rarely wear graphic t-shirts these days, but I LOVED the final look. The combination of blues did not match necessary yet complimented each other. I paired it with white sandals that I paid $10 for at a Rainbow to keep it a daytime look.

My favorite outfit from my trip since it was just comfortable, simple, and did not require much thought at all. The first time I spotted this shirt online it gave me Markia vibes. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew I had to have it. I decided to pair with a simple black jean skirt that I found at Ross for about $14 and it gave it that pop of flavor.

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When finding a perfect birthday outfit it always takes forever. Once I was done shopping for my trip I didn't have any items that displayed another year of Markia. It was a week before my trip, but I was out of ideas. I bought this outfit out of desperation knowing Fashion Nova had 2-day shipping. Let me state that I do not like Fashion Nova, but that’s another story. I loved the colors of this outfit, which just screamed look at me. My favorite item from this outfit would be my shoes (which were $7 from Rainbow). I feel like the shoes would make any simple outfit cute when paired with gold accessories.

A little bonus:

Just a real chill outfit that I just wanted to highlight because you’ll be surprised at where I purchased these items. The camo joggers I got out of the boys' section in Walmart. I don’t remember how much they were exactly but definitely under $15. I thrifted this jean jacket back in high school and decided to put some rips and add patches to. It’s going to be pretty fye soon.