The Condiments of Fashion

One thing that I have taken for granted the last few years is the power of accessories. In college, I lost so many rings, broke necklaces & honestly stop searching for new pieces. As I become more invested in fashion, it is like running into a brick wall. I can put on a really stylish outfit or even something simple, but I get that "something is missing" feeling. Ultimately I was preparing chicken with no seasons. Eating a hotdog with no ketchup or mustard (literally all I put on mine). Drinking black coffee with no creamer or sugar. Yessss, accessories are just THAT important when styling! Accessories are the mandatory condiments on the fashion menu.

Whether you are into just gold jewelry, purchasing a few silver pieces should be a priority. I can not figure out why people will not hesitate to buy gold but treat silver like the cousin they avoid in public because they talk too much. However, having an assortment of jewelry from rose gold and other pops of color comes in handy. Let us be real, gold does not look well with everything and will not pop on certain shades of red, blue, and green. So yes, no matter how much you hate silver jewelry. Do. Not. Risk. A cute outfit.

Buying accessories can be expensive, specifically when you want real jewelry, but costume jewelry is not an awful alternative. I would suggest buying 2/3 necklaces to switch out every once & a while, so they do not fade as quick. I prefer shopping at like mall places like pagoda & Pandora. They last long enough to get the job done. This year I also plan to buy some jewelry on layaway, so I do not have to pay it all at once but reserve what I like.

1st photo: No Acessories while 2nd/3rd with Accessories.

Accessory hacks

Lately, my favorite way to wear a necklace is to wear multiple in a stacked method. One necklace is cute, but if you want a little flavor layering, (in all aspects) is a move.

A go-to for gold necklaces would definitely be a gold chain with a little Jesus piece. I feel like the cross necklace will always be a classic.

When it comes to accessories like belts or hats, I feel like we only use them for functionality. Wearing a hat is not only for bad hair day, but venture into dressing them up with off-the-shoulder blouses, bright colors, or booties. My tip is to try out hat styles in the winter because fedoras, berets & dad hats have been my go-to from January.

Belts also make a difference notably if you have on a crop top or when you tuck your shirt in. Designer belts have been a trend, but my favorite type is the skinny ones. My next goal is to style a chain belt because they are definitely a statement. Do not be lame, channel your inner middle school when you wore those portable led belts and customize the text.

Underrated accessories

So it may just be me lol, but I feel like glasses, shades, watches, bracelets, and rings do not take enough credit when styling. When I start analyzing a fit in person or on Instagram, I am always astonished when someone puts 110% into their outfit. It is like you did not fall short in any category. My current favorite person to get outfit inspiration from is Saweetie. She does a great job making a simple outfit. Cute. She does not miss a beat with her accessories.

And to that we can say CHEERS!

To buying more accesories.

To more bomb outfits.

And to more tips from Markia !

Until Next time...