The Beginning

Is this considered a introduction ? Well I talk about myself in detail and let you into a few secrets. Learn more about the reasons behind someof my actions and what to expect from your readings.

Yes, I have to start off by saying introductions are nerve wrecking. I don’t want to scare people off or come off as boring with telling them certain information. So, then I try to draft a list of the best things to talk about and end up overthinking.

“Yes, I do mean mug sometimes but I’m nice, uh I promise. You have to get to know me, ya know? The slick comments are all out of love. The comebacks may be mean, but they mean no harm. ---- Waaaait, scratch that it’s to honest.”

The repeated process is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and dodging this action instead of developing it hasn’t help. To this extent, I decided to share my thoughts, ideas, problems, and who knows what else with, you know… the world.

What’s popping,

My name is Markia S. Brown. I am a 2019 graduate from the unsinkable Albany State University. My undergraduate degree is Marketing in which I chose for the creative and innovative aspects of the career. As I got further into learning about what I wanted to do after graduation I realized a few flaws of my own. I second guess all of my creative ideas. I nitpick at the idea and find all that’s wrong with it until I no longer like it. Flaws. I have to acknowledge these flaws, so they won’t continue to hinder my ability to be free.

I’m just a young lady trying to accept the fact that it’s hard for me to express my thoughts and emotions. I do not like the feeling of vulnerability and people possibly getting to know the real me. So, yep. I started a blog to do the very thing I strongly dislike with a passion. Not only will this allow me to share willingly but to grow. If we are being honest my writing does need some more TLC. So be patient with me and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE GREAT TIME.

I plan to give insight on my life outside of fashion as well as the process of being an entrepreneur. Look forward to seeing post about latest fashion and trends. I plan to get deeeeeeeeep every once and a while just to let off some steam.

I have learned from experiences that holding things in can be detrimental and affect your way of life. Ultimately, I want to not only live my life but to truly enjoy every waking day. Taking the time to realize what makes me happy and doing more of that on a daily basis. Acknowledging my weaknesses to see why it may be a shortcoming, how it’s affecting my success then planning action steps to nurture the imperfection. The worst thing I can do is beat myself up about all of my weak points. The goal is to continue to be optimistic and hold myself accountable for the actions that I take.


More than a brand but a lifestyle.

Much love,

Markia S. Brown