Style Searching

Want to bring some fun back to your wardrobe? Use these five steps as a guide to picking items that suit you.

Search. Look. Dig. Explore new avenues for inspiration and motivation to evolve your personal voice, message, or path. In a world full of people there’s an infinite approach for any given situation. You just have to take your time to figure out what suits you. Think about something you hate or simply dislike. Why does it bother you? What can you do to improve it? Your solution can not only help you but can give assistance for helping other people.

Finding my style for myself was hard over the last few years and I still don’t think I am done altering my wardrobe. The change of ANYTHING is inevitable whether it’s your mindset, your environment or the clothes in your closet. You are developing each year and you have to continuously adapt. Your style is not the same from elementary school or even high school. As you begin your journey of life, different things incite you. So, embrace the adventure and use these 5 things to guide you while finding your niche.

1. Keep an open mind.

Don’t kill the dream before it has the opportunity to blossom in your mind. Prevent your mind from thinking the only way to look beautiful is by looking good is a particular item. Don’t worry about getting into that crop top once you hit that magical number. Visualize yourself in that romper that makes you feel curvy. I have observed women be beautiful along the spectrum that highlights what they love about themselves. Displaying more skin or less skin does not define beauty.

2. Learn your body type.

Knowing what flatters your curves can support your style. Let’s take those that fall into the Apple body type. Apple body type is when your bust is 3 or more inches bigger than your hips. For this particular body type, the suggestion is for shirts that have a v-neck will give a slimming neckline and enhance that feature. You can direct the attention to what you would like people to see.

3. Play around with colors, patterns, and textures.

Patterns like polka dots, colors like yellow and textures like velvet affect the perception of your body. In most cases, you learn that vertical stripes create length so you may look longer where horizontal stripes create width. It also differs from how thick the stripes may be. The options are literally countless so have fun in the dressing room. Don't forget to try different colors that make your melanin pop.

4. Build your confidence.

Redefine what you believe is beautiful. Don’t listen to what people may have said about you growing up or even now. We are allowed to have different views on different topics. Not one opinion is more important than the next. Everyone has a different preference so don't let a few people dictate your mindset. You are beautiful in the body that you are in.

5. Surround yourself with supportive friends.

I believe this tip is the most important when it comes to reinforcing. It’s a difference with constructive criticism, being a hater or being downright cruel. Honest people are needed in your corner that have your best intentions. They can help you look your absolute best and guide you along the way. Allow them to support you while you are on your journey.

Style searching is the process of loving the person that you see in the mirror each day. If you ask me, other people judgment does not belong in the fashion world. It takes away the fun of being creative and wearing what makes you happy. For me, I know that when I look my best, I feel my best and do my best. Next time you feeling gloomy, dress up like you got a date with Aubrey Graham. (Side note: I loooooove me some Drake) It will improve your mood love.