Shop Smart

ENJOY SHOPPING! I am an adamant believer of the phrase shop to you drop. Retail therapy is an act of self-love by taking the time out of your schedule to treat yourself to something nice. Shopping and fashion should make you feel good, and not as an act of luxury or chore. The act of shopping is not a problem, but becoming more of an efficient shopper.

Create an appropriate shopping budget for the amount you are paid. The money that you put aside for shopping should not be a burden to your monthly necessities. It’s similar to your entertainment or eating out budget. For example, when I get paid I choose to spend $30 to $50 on clothes and shoes. Shopping every two weeks allows you to catch stores that have different sales going on. Adding a few clothes to your closet will allow more options if you decide to want to switch it up. While if you go shopping for an event in a rush, you may end up spending $100 in one day. Small amounts will also leave less damage to your wallet, and you won’t necessarily miss it.

Try new shopping places you will be surprised at what you find. If you have never shopped in Rainbow, Citi trends or Marshall’s then you are missing out! As well as websites like Shein and boohoo because they are budget-friendly, good quality, and consistent sizing. You can find fashionable items for a lower price than in Forever 21, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing. Another favorite of mine when I have free time is going thrifting at Goodwill or a local shop. My absolute favorite way to waste a Sunday because I like to DIY the clothes I find with Youtube videos.

I also have created a mental budget on the maximum amount I would spend on certain items.

-Tops/blouse: $15

-Jeans: $20

-Jackets and hoodies: $30 (I’m from Florida btw, lol)

-Sandals and shoes: $15/$20

I recently stopped purchasing as many sneakers just because my style has changed. I do have exceptions for really fye items that I feel like I won’t find anywhere else and just too hard to resist. I always think of whether the item is worth it or not. Can't continue to fall into the temptation of buying items you won't wear.

A helpful tip is to reorganize your closet once every 2 to 3 months. Usually, during the time I take clothes that I won’t wear to sell at Plato’s or give away at Goodwill. Organizing your closet can allow you to see what you may need and make room for the new items you are going to purchase.