Shoe Haul

My love for shoes is intense, but I have got soooooo much better. Growing up, the only time I would save or put money aside was for shoes. I always tried to catch releases of shoes that were unique to me.


I never was on the extreme side because I am not willing to pay over $150 for shoes, and I would never camp in a line for a shoe. It is uhh... never that cute lol do not be mistaken stepping on my shoe is looking for a fight, but let’s just leave it at I have two left feet.

In college, I took a mini-break from my expensive passion, especially from sneakers, in an attempt to be girly. However, I am back with a vengeance because... why not. My closet now has a mixture of both. The small break from sneakers made me appreciate all shoes. Maybe a little too much though?

Shoes always start off my outfit because it gives the foundation of my mood & what I want to do. Crocs and slides are my go-to for a chill vibe, particularly more since the pandemic. I definitely slip these on to run errands and go to the grocery store. Sandals are more I want to look cute. I will wear them usually just to go to the mall or small outings during the day. Sneakers or boots really depending on the weather & where I am going. It is so many styles, from chill pairs, colorful, low top, and hightop. I will put on sneakers to go any wear except the club, honestly. But baaaaaaaby, if I put on a pair of heels. I want all eyes on me, trying to break some necks okay. I do not like heels, but I definitely want to start dressing up more on my grown woman ish.

I am definitely the type that takes 2 to 3 weeks to purchase a shoe. I have to make sure that I like them, conduct research (aka find the best price) and analyze if they will work in my wardrobe. Let’s be real, we all have shoes that we wear all the time and a few pairs we wear once a year. I can speak for myself when I say "I have way too many shoes for my closet but wear 5/6 pairs throughout the week." It is ridiculous & I will run down a pair of black or white sneakers. I have to acknowledge that they are critical, but EXPAAAAAAAND to different colors, please.

So the five pair in this blog is not only my favorite from the shoes I purchased recently, but they add more color to my wardrobe.

Coral mules

Literally perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. It is a very vibrant shade of pink to give a pop of color to any outfit.

Air Jordan 1 mid ‘Hyper Royal’

This style of ones has always been a popular shoe that looks good style multiple ways. They were $90 in a kids Footlocker, so I had to get them.

Rainbow flatforms

I kind of had to convince myself to purchase these. These shoes are definitely out of my comfort zone color-wise, but I love a cute flatform. I am

actually looking forward to styling these.

Orange heels

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop-out. Y’all. I am starting to love heels. Usually, I do not like animal print on shoes, but this embossed croc was cute. Definitely want to find a matching purse.

Black and white boots

Honestly, these will have to grow on me. I have neveeeeer like white boots, but I have seen the trend all winter & I am like hmmm. These give that Grunge style which I definitely think I can rock.

P.S. I know i am not a shoe model, but I feel like I can be lol. I've always am told about my nice calfs...

Nah? Well, Until next Month. Buh Bye.