Y’aaaaall I’ve learned some gems over the last few months that I feel like needs to shared. At one point, I was so embarrassed cause I just felt like a failure. I felt like after I graduated everything just wrong. All the plans I had after May 10th to do X, Y, and Z all fell through. I kid you not when I say that when God wants you to slow down, he will make you. I thought I had my life planned out. God was nah you not doing that & we were at tug of war for a few months.

I knew I had to finish applying to grad school, but my nerves took over and prolonged my creative process. I just wanted the portfolio that I submitted with my application to be amazing, but it was like no matter what I changed it felt like it was missing something. I worked on it for a few weeks since I was taking a mental break at home. I set a deadline that I wanted to completed it by then a few days after the date I just said forget it.

I prayed a little & hit submit.

Favorite bible apps

During my waiting season somehow I was quiet enough to get guidance. Not ready to start work, I decided to put more effort into strengthing my relationship with god and my business. I’ve been on & off just planning things to see what would work. Some days I got discouraged, but I have such an awesome support system. I would talk with family, friends, and the different groups I joined on FB that could relate to me.

Even though I was working more on fashion, I thought I was under qualified to be accepted into the grad program. The only fashion experience I have is from the classes I took in high school. I felt like my bachelor's in marketing wouldn't help me get into a fashion program. I thought maybe I shouldn't have applied. I've heard enough bad news this summer. That’s when I learned my lesson. A few weeks later I got my decision, & was accepted into their luxury fashion management program.

That’s the whole blog... it’s over

Nah I’m joking, but that’s a word. Believe in yourself like for real. What's is meant for you is for you! I started to develop a stronger relationship with God and I was put me in positions for my hard work to pay off.

So many people tell me how confident & headstrong I am, but it’s so much more to my life then I portray each day or on social media. I just realized how real life is out here & I don't pay one bill. Like real real & you have to equip yourself with proper resources to survive. Post-graduation depression is serious like I was crying for nooooo reason. It was hard but things are so much better.

I have a 9 am to 5 pm job that I still hate, but it allows me to save money. I also don't allow my job to stop productivity with my business. I look forward to reading & planning during my 30min break. After work, I take the time to complete items on my task sheet and sew items. I honestly feel humble & feel like I learn so much about myself.