How do you get out of your way?

I have realized on numerous occasions the reason I am unhappy for no apparent reason, my business has not been successful, or even why I get a creative shortage some days. Simple, the common denominator in resolving these problems is me. I have been so stuck in my ways because I always disliked the feeling of vulnerability. It has crept into every aspect of my life and made me overthink and hesitate any decision. I noticed that I became territorial over my emotions, actions and anything I created a bond with. I felt like I had to protect it so that no one could take advantage of me in any situation. I don't like to let people get to know me because of trust. Afraid to fully commit to my dreams and business endeavors as a result of not wanting to fail.

As I started my business, I was so afraid that people would not support me for many reasons.

Thinking I did not have talent.

Thinking they did not believe in me.

Thinking people preyed on my downfall.

Thinking that people have an interest in my ideas I wanted to display.

The worst part was believing my self-doubt and allowing it to hinder my progression. I realized this is my first step to getting out my way. I know everyone is not going to support me no matter how close they may be. The hurt will become insignificant to the point there are no hard feelings. It's a waste of energy to focus on uninterested people but to appreciate the people that are and support them.

Become more comfortable with rejection and hearing the word NO. Whewwww. It takes practice with removing your emotions out of the equation, but it makes you one step closer to a yes. The passion and persistence that is displayed will always attract people. As the flame continues to be fueled, it will become irresistible and noticeable.

More than that, life is about taking risks (especially as an entrepreneur). Change the perspective that you view risk-taking. Risks can be an adventure allowing you to accomplish something intimidating. The most critical part is that you use it to continue to grow.

Once you change the way that you view things, you will become more optimistic. Phrase questions to how can I learn from this? Take the time a day to invest in yourself and it will improve. For me, Kiation is more than the name of my business but a lifestyle. It is a constant reminder to be creative. Feel at peace with being different. I get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Allow myself and my work to get put out there for real.