Fashion vs Style

Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear but a way to brand yourself. When you look in the mirror every morning who do you see? The way that you view yourself depicts the image of how the world will see you. Select an outfit that states " I know I am beautiful and I look like a full course meal." Whether you are wearing the biggest brands, no brands at all, or just the first top you saw this morning all makes a statement. Let’s take a moment to think about the people we think that are fashionable.

Usually they are wearing something that only them and a few other people can pull off. You catch yourself thinking like hm, I really like that shirt but if I wore it, I would probably choose another pair of pants or shoes. Why? Its because we all have different styles.  

Learning your particular style is important for your brand as casual, retro, modest, or a mixture of different things. Your style is about what you desire and believe flatters your features, body, and personality. Knowing your style is just as important as the food you put in your body. Yeah it may be a stretch as a comparison but hear me out. You like to eat pineapples because it’s a fruit, its healthy, and delicious. On the other hand, you don’t drink soda because its sugary and can possibly lead to health problems. In the same manner, if you like how high waisted pants fits your figure but low-rise jeans make you insecure of your stomach, then why continue to purchase and/or wear low rise pants?

Before we go any further by any means I’m not stating to purchase 30 pair high waisted pants. Try different style of pants and jeans like tapered, flared, and wide leg until you find the ideal fit. Following trends that are going on in the fashion world is not what is important. Fashion is about confidence so that you feel good in what you have on. You should not dread getting dressed in the morning. Let’s imagine the day where you threw an outfit together at the last minute and get so many compliments. Yet the days you take the time to put the perfect outfit together you don’t get nearly as much compliments. The HATERS, right? lol, yeah but it all goes back to just being yourself.

We have to get out of wanting the validation of other people in order to be comfortable. Rock that crop top sis. Wear those colorful heels girl.

Pick your head up and strut because you look good. As long as you think the outfit is cute then that’s all that should matter.

In addition, we have to respect people’s individuality and also remember that we can’t please everyone. Just because it is not your style does not automatically make it ugly.

Fashion allows people to express how they feel without even speaking. The way that clothes can be styled from different people gives individuality.

We should not judge someone for not wearing a pair of pants how you would. Either you think

the pants are cute and want to buy a similar style or just keep strolling shawty. The pants would not be made if they weren’t supposed to be worn.

We have to do better with embracing and helping people rather than making them feel inferior.