En Route

Reminiscing on old times and I had an epiphany about my life. Fashion has always been apart of the growth in my life. My earliest memories appear from my middle school era that developed my perspective of style. I wore uniforms during that time, so the only way to personalize clothes were through shoes and accessories. I was apart of those girls that would wear those colorful plastic bracelets to the elbows and disrupt an entire class trying to take them off. I remember saving up during the school year for shoes my parents could not buy me. Have y’all ever heard of Cadillacs? The shoes... not the car. Yeah, I had those in like 7th grade because I always wanted what no one else had.

Whewwwww, the real curveball started in High school when we were allowed to wear regular clothes. My closet automatically started with secondhand garments since I have 3 old sisters, which was actually a pro and a con. I had to become creative with mixing and matching the new clothes that I purchased.

In 9th grade, when I started taking a fashion design course I became obsessed with making one-of-a-kind clothes, customized items and a lot of DIYs. From the unique fabrics I purchased at JoAnns to cutting up and dyeing old clothes.

I currently realized that God has already been watering a seed in me for fashion.

One of the significant events of my high school career, and I had to work a miracle.

My mom made it clear as day that $500 to $700 for a prom dress wasn’t happening. For young ladies, particularly in South Florida that was a reasonable range. In my seventeen-year-old head, I was going bananas... Markia. Could. Not. Half. Step. For. Prom... Was not happening, Nope. I looked up a lot of prom dresses & wanted to see what my favorite part would be.... after surfing the internet, and Pinterest it was always the bottom that caught my eye.

As a broke HS student with zero dollars, I had to get creative. So having a custom dress was out of the question & knowing I could not risk screwing it up myself I came up with a bright idea.

Ultimately I bought a $20 dress where I was in love with the fit on my body. I found a designer that could make my inspiration come alive. I bought $30 worth of tulle that she used for the bottom of my dress. I paid $60 for labor & walaaaaaah. I came close to my dream dress and didn't spend more than $150.

Fast forward to college.

SN: I did want to go to a Fashion school but I could not convince myself. I knew Fashion schools were expensive & I did not know what I would major in. Honestly, I never thought I was good enough so I did not bother to apply.

However, It all worked out because I loved Albany State University and when I joined the marketing club I was inspired by students with side hustles. During my sophomore year, I purchased a sewing machine and applied for my LLC to get started. It’s ironic because in my 1st year in business I had the urge to do a prom giveaway. I knew how hard I struggled with my dress, so I just wanted to assist an HS student. As fear took over, I backed out fully aware I wasn’t a seasoned seamstress to make a dress. I now realize that I was selling myself short because I was scared. I tried to fit in selling trendy items (like shirts, shades, etc.) because it was easy but it was never fulfilling.

2019 became very depressing after graduation, (which you can read a little about in More Life Blog), I decided why not give making a dress a shot. What harm could it do? I thought if it sucked... well, I just wouldnt post it. However, it was the best decision I eveeeeeer made. It is now 2020, & I am speaking of becoming a wedding dress designer into existence. It took me 5 years to get here, but it was all about building confidence. I wanted to make a prom dress, but the coronavirus canceled prom, so I never got the chance to get a client. However, I am done belittling myself & it is in 2021. My journey is not close to being done, but I trust that God will continue to guide me. My one goal today was to open up more about my insecurities to reassure others to trust their process.

Until Next Time,

Markia Brown

*Black Dress December 2019

*White Dress April 2020

*Light Blue Dress August 2020